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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Art has been a source of inspiration for centuries, transcending mediums such as sculptures, paintings, literature, music, and many more. Art has the power to move us, evoke emotions and stimulate our imagination. It can transport us to different times, places and help us see the world from new perspectives. Art in our home takes us on a journey through life, history and experiences. 


Interior Design and Art are connected by colors, textures, structure and form. You might say Interior Designers are Artists working with three-dimensional space. Art can inspire us to think creatively, to question our assumptions, and to see beauty in unexpected places. It can also help us connect with others, as we share our reactions and interpretations of art with each other.


Art is a powerful and essential part of our experience in life. Whether we create it, enjoy it, or simply appreciate it, art has the ability to enrich our lives in countless ways.



Contact me for custom oil portraits or independent Art Lessons at the Michigan Design Center

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